Zee Babies…

I am the proud owner of three rats. (That’s right. Rats!) Before this introduction gets any further, please understand that I know that not everyone likes rats. I get it. If I had feral rats roaming my cupboards, I would be none too happy about it. But my little girls are bred to be pets, socialized to be super friendly, and naturally adorable. So maybe you’ll consider giving them a chance…? (If not, that’s okay. Maybe you shouldn’t scroll down any further on this page then. I went a little picture crazy.)

I had pet rats in elementary school. (My mom had a big, black rat named Herbie so she was totally cool having rodents in the house.) Now, 15 years later, I have rats again. I just love them. When we moved to Vegas, Tij and I talked over the possibility of getting a pet. We were finally done with school and living somewhere that allowed animals. We both knew we wanted to get a dog someday, but after talking over our budget and our space limitations, we decided that getting a dog was still going to have to be a “someday” thing. At this point, I suggested we get rats. “Rats? Why don’t we look at hamsters or a bunny or something?” Tij asked. Nope. I wanted rats. Needless to say, I won this particular argument and we ended up adopting 3 sisters from The Rats of Nimh Rattery here in Vegas.

Now to explain the “zee babies” thing. My sister and I often talk to each other in goofy accents. It’s just something weird and quirky we do. When I got my girls, I kept petting them and saying in my fake Russian accent, “zee babies, zee babies” and it’s kind of stuck. (Some people use baby talk with their pets. I use Russian accents. Whatever works…)

I love my girls so much. I enjoy introducing them to my friends and teaching them about rats and showing them that rats really aren’t scary. That’s what I’m hoping to do on this page: introduce you to my babies and teach you a little bit about them. So, without further ado, allow me to present Bianca, Olive, and Daphne!


Bianca is our escape artist extraordinaire. She can always be found wherever she’s not supposed to be, possibly chewing something she shouldn’t. However, she makes up for it by being very affectionate and having the softest coat ever. (She’s our chubbiest baby so she is extra fun to cuddle.) If she’s in the mood, she likes to lick fingers and sniff ears.
Olive is our smallest baby, so I always give her extra treats. (Don’t tell the others!) I think her little head and big eyes make her look like she’s always startled. She is also our most skittish girl, so I try to be really gentle with her and give her extra attention. She is our best climber and is a really good jumper.


Daphne is our best snuggler. She falls asleep next to me, let’s me scratch her tummy and ears, and nibbles my fingers. She is less adventurous than her sisters, and is content to just hang out. And she looooooves treats. This girl will do anything for a snack!


Curious? Wanna know more? Here’s a few fun facts about rats and links to other informational pages.

– Rats are super smart! You can train them to do all sorts of tricks: come when called, stand, roll over, bring you small objects, etc. There are some great youtube videos of them in action, but I really like this one: Awesome, Amazing Rat Tricks.

– Rats are super social. My breeder (Rats of Nimh Rattery) wouldn’t even sell single rats on their own! It’s better for rats if they have a buddy. And if they’re properly socialized, they will love on you too! My girls sit on my shoulders, try to groom my hair, and lick my fingers. They’re surprisingly friendly!

– Rats come in all sorts of breeds and colors. Our girls are dumbo rats, which are raised only as pets, and have big, low set ears. Bianca (the white one) is a Himalayan, Olive (the brown one) is a Berkshire, and Daphne (the brown and white one) is a Rex. A good beginners guide can be found on The Dapper Rat Blog.

– There are all sorts of rat enthusiast groups and associations. There are even rats show competitions! Interested? Check out the National Fancy Rat Society for more info.

Thanks for reading!


Bianca, Olive, and Daphne


3 thoughts on “Zee Babies…

  1. Katharina says:

    I love this, especially your pictures with Olive, super cuter! 😊

  2. Donna says:

    I never knew so much about rats and that there were different kinds. I never realized that some were especially bred to be pets. Thanks for educating me about rats!

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