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Snow in Vegas

When we first moved, people told us conspiratorially that it could get cold in Vegas – even cold enough to snow! Last year passed by without us witnessing such an event, but yesterday it happened! (This snow “storm” was preceded by two weeks of 75+ degree weather. Go figure.) I was at the gym in the morning watching the news and they were streaming videos of big, fat flakes falling. I went outside and this is what “snow in Vegas” looked like:
Kind of pathetic, right? I laughed later as I scrolled through Instagram and saw pictures of friends’ kids who’d made 4 inch high snowmen in their backyards, clearly delighted with the “snow”. However, later as Tij and I drove to Costco (and towards Red Rock and actual mountains) we saw the snow. Apparently, this is what snow in Vegas looks like.
Not so pathetic, huh? And so beautiful! I’m glad we got a little taste of winter here in the desert!

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White Rock – La Madre Spring Loop

The weather here in Vegas has been gorgeous so I have been trying to make the most of it! Tij is hobbling around in his brace so I have been enlisting friends to go hiking at Red Rock with me. My friend Makenzi and I hiked La Madre Spring Loop last Saturday. It was supposed to be an (ambitious) 6 mile jaunt but we ended up adding an extra 3 miles onto by missing our turn off and hiking up to a springs. Needless to say, I was exhausted when we finished but I was pretty proud of myself. I’ve also hiked Calico Tanks twice this month too.

I know Tij hates his knee brace but his recovery is going quite well and he can stop wearing it in 3 weeks. He’s started physical therapy and he plans to start swimming soon. (It’s one of the few exercises he’s allowed to do right now.) It was Tij’s birthday last week. We met up for lunch and I bought this divine French chocolate truffle cake to celebrate, but it was pretty quiet. Valentine’s Day was the same. We exchanged cards and I made a nice dinner and we stayed in and watched a movie. It was lovely!



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Ice Box Canyon: Part Quatre

Our friend Dallas is staying with us right now and I convinced him to go hiking with me yesterday. I haven’t been out to Red Rock in a few months and I was dying to escape the “city”. It has been overcast and grey for the past few weeks here but yesterday the sun broke through the clouds, the temperature was crisp but not cold, and everything was greened up from the recent rain showers. In short, it was beautiful. Mother Nature never disappoints!

Tonight we are all going to go see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies! Tij is stoked :)

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Oak Creek Canyon


Tij had work off Monday so I dragged him on another hike in Red Rock Canyon. This hike was actually more of a glorified walk, but it’s good to switch things up. Oak Creek is a different area of the Park that we haven’t explored yet and we went in the evening when things had cooled off which was nice. (It’s still hitting 85 here in Vegas. Hasn’t it got the message that it’s fall yet?) We were in Salt Lake City two weeks ago for my cousin’s wedding and it was much harder to leave than it has the last few times I’ve been. The leaves were starting to change color, the air had a slight bite to it, (insert every other fall/autumn/harvest/pumpkin cliche you can think of,) and it was just gorgeous. One morning I took my sister and cousin for brunch at Bruges Waffles & Frites and then drove them around a historic neighborhood and just goggled at the charming homes and canopied streets. It just got me wondering about what our life would be like if we’d stayed in Utah, living the lifestyle that we’re living now…

Once we were back in Vegas though, I was happy to be back. I love our little apartment. Our ward family is wonderful. I missed our rat babies. And Vegas is beautiful in its own way. It’s not the type of beauty that I’m naturally drawn to or that I’m used to, but if you go looking for it, Vegas has a lot to offer and a lot to feast your eyes on. I don’t know if we’ll stay in Vegas permanently, but for now, I am really trying to enjoy all that it has to offer. I think part of my regret with Salt Lake is that whenever I go back I think about all the things I didn’t do, all the restaurants I didn’t try, and all the experiences I missed out on. (Tij and I were broke students with zero time so if I went back in time I don’t know if I could do anything differently. Our circumstances just really sucked.) I am determined to leave Vegas with no regrets! Maybe I need to make a Vegas bucket list? There’s so much to see and do here, I might need to prioritize!




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