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We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute

Christmas was so 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to post a few pictures and write down some memories before I forgot them entirely! Also, Tij and I got new cell phones (yay!) but in the shuffle I think some of the photos I took are gone now. I’ve got to save the ones I do have!

Tij and I had a great Christmas. We flew up to (cold) Idaho to spend it with my family. My sister and I got to spend Christmas together for the first time in 4 years! Christmas Eve we snacked on Auntie’s special cheese fondue and me, the sister, and the cousins spent a couple hours playing Monopoly (which is a secret favorite of mine) with the fireplace going. Magic! And the best part? I got a white Christmas! I’ve already posted about how sappy and sentimental I get about Christmas, and this dusting of snow was truly the cherry on top

Christmas morning festivities just continued the general feeling of perfection and contentedness. Imagine the tree all lit up, everyone in their pajamas and eating chocolate for breakfast, and the anticipation of giving and getting gifts. We all take turns opening gifts, and since there was 11 of us, it took allllll morning – my favorite.


One afternoon my sister and my cousin and I went to a vintage store. It was charming and they had a great selection! My sister and I used to go to this great vintage store in Montana when we in high school. It’s closed down now, but hunting for treasures in Idaho took me back a few years. (I splurged on a couple rings and a cheesy Hawaiian shirt for Tij.) We met up with yet another cousin for dinner downtown after that. Talk about a killer evening! I love spending time with my sister and cousins. Sometimes I wished we lived closer, (and maybe someday we will,) but for now I console myself by enjoying them as much as I can when we’re all together.


Before I flew back to Vegas, my sister and I walked through “Garden Aglow” at the Botanical Gardens. They cover all the trees and trellises in lights and it’s beautiful! We drank hot chocolate and indulged in fresh doughnuts. It even started snowing on our way out – talk about perfection! We got to chat about life and got in some much needed sister-therapy. Sisters are the best, aren’t they?


I hope all of you had a magical Christmas too. I was in a bit of a post-holiday slump last week, but I’m getting really excited about all the possibilities that 2015 could have in store for our family. And there’s only 351 days until Christmas is here again!

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Home Again, Home Again

We are back from San Diego and it’s like Vegas decided to jump straight from almost-fall to winter over the weekend. It was 44 degrees out when we pulled up Sunday night! (I know I’ve been harping on the weather a lot lately, but I am just so tired of being constantly hot and uncomfortable and planning my day and wardrobe around the heat. I suppose it’s just something I’ve yet to fully adjust to…) San Diego was beautiful. Tij and I went there for vacation once 5 years ago and it was so much fun! Now that my mom lives in San Diego we’ll probably be back more often than once every 5 years – lucky us!

My cousins and I wandered down to the beach one evening to watch the sunset and boy, did I get some killer photos! There’s nothing like the sun going down over the ocean.


The wedding festivities were over Saturday night so Sunday Tij and I did some sight-seeing with our family before driving home. We checked out a few museums and ate at this divine Italian restaurant where I had the best raviolis. (I’m a sucker for stuffed pasta.) I can see why people love southern California. I think Tij and I would want to live there too if it wasn’t for the insane cost of living and the traffic!

At the Maritime Museum I walked through a B-39 Soviet sub (talk about cramped!) and stood on a sailing vessel they used in one of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The NAT (Natural History Museum) was hosting a King Tut exhibit which was really well done. The curators set it up to make you feel like you were discovering the tomb right along with Howard Carter and the original excavators. There was gold, gold, and more gold! I’ve always found ancient Egypt fascinating.


aboard “The Star of India” a 151 year-old immigration vessel

This is all I’ll say about the wedding: the ceremony on the beach was beautiful and Tij and I are happy to be home now. We are looking forward to a quiet week of catching up on sleep and household chores.

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Life is Messy

sherlockfeelings This last week life has sprung some doozies on me. I’ve received the kind of news that makes you want to crawl back into bed and get lost in fiction, eat chocolate, and ignore reality because reality sucks sometimes.

First off: the first friend I made here in Vegas is moving to California. This is a wonderful thing for her and her family and I’m happy for them, but I also wish they wouldn’t leave me, ya know? I’ve moved a lot and so I’m used to doing the leaving, but being left is a new experience for me. I was hoping I could lean on her for emotional support over the next few months since she’s been in my shoes before and would get it… 

And what is it you ask? Well, big doozie number two: my mom is getting remarried.

And that GIF sums up how I feel about that.

I have debated how much of this I should share and I have edited and re-edited this post trying to find a way to put things delicately. I have decided that maybe right now, while my emotions are saw raw and new, is not the best time to release them to the public, but I still needed to share the news and ask for support and advice. I realize that I am talking about real people here and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or burn any bridges before they’re even built. I hope that my mom will be happy. She deserves that. And I am trying to be supportive. But I don’t think that supporting her means that I just ignore my own feelings and act like the only things I’m feeling are happiness and excitement.

So please send good vibes my way! I am grateful that I’ve spent the last few months really focusing on my mental/emotional health and I know I’m handling this much better than I would have before. I’m grateful for kind friends and family who I know I can confide in and who love me. And any advice would be much appreciated. Leave a comment or send me an email. I know I’m not the only one who has been through this before. Thank you, thank you.

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Throwback Thursday

I know “tbt” is more commonly an instagram thing, but I have been working on scanning the thousands (I kid you not) of family photos that have been bequeathed to me since my parents’ divorce and I just had to share a few gems.

Camille von Nieda and Cora Wilcox 1990232

Me as a baby with my great-grandma Cora. Sadly, I didn’t inherit her dimples.

Camille and Caitlin, Dillon, MT 1995 359

My cousin and I decided that the best way to play dress-up was to do it on the trampoline – 1995

Burgess girl portraits 1995 336

Sister portrait. Note our super bright matching 90s dresses. (I think they’re citrus themed…?)

As the oldest child, I always figured the family photos would eventually come my way. They’ve just come a good 50 years earlier than I expected. I now have two storage bins full of photo albums, school pictures, and family VHS’s that I am determined to digitize. Basically every photo or recording my family has taken over the past 25 years is in those bins. It has been an interesting process, scanning those photos. I have rediscovered cherished family memories and childhood neighbor friends I haven’t seen in 15 years. I have been working somewhat chronologically, so it has been bizarre to see smiling photos of my parents before I was born. I know how their story ends, so it is a little sad to be preserving a glimpse into a happier past. I am slowly re-living my history, piece by piece. Some of it is really happy. (Like seeing photos of our first house.) And some of it is a little sad. (Seeing photos of family members who have passed away.) I am curious to see what kind of emotional/personal journey this process takes me on. I’m only 350 photos in, so I’ll report back in a few months. Or years. We’ll see how long this takes…

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Happy Sister’s Day!

I didn’t even know there was such a thing until my own sister texted me to say “Happy Sister’s Day!” (Apparently it is a national holiday. Who knew?) So, in the spirit of things, here’s a little shout out to my own fabulous sister!

I only have one sibling and I am so grateful that I got Rachel! She is hilarious, supportive, creative, and non-judgmental. No one makes me laugh like she does! I don’t think I would have made it through my parents’ separation and divorce without her support. She just gets me. There’s a saying, “sisters by chance, friends by choice” – thanks for being my friend Rachel!


Big Sky Country

Tij and I spent Fourth of July weekend in Montana with his family. (Want to visit someplace that feels super “‘Merica” on the Fourth? Check out rural Montana.) It was a quick trip but it was the first time Tij and his siblings have all been together since our wedding! Between school, work, and Jon’s mission it’s been a while. We went to a wedding reception, checked out a legit BBQ competition, and reveled in the green hills and beautiful countryside. Thanks von Nieda’s for the fun trip!

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Family Reunion: Where There’s a Wilcox, There’s a Way

I am supremely blessed to have a very big, very loud, and very loving extended family on my mom’s side. I spent all last week in California reconnecting with all my wonderful relatives at the 2014 Wilcox Reunion! I am so grateful Tij and I were able to make it this reunion as it might honestly be the last Wilcox one ever. The reunion celebrates all the descendants of Cora and Morris Wilcox and seeing as the newest members of the family are their great-great-grandchildren, our family size is starting to get out of control! Everyone lives all over the country now and it’s just hard to coordinate that many people in that many places all with their separate lives. I look back fondly on past Wilcox reunions and hope that there will be some Detton reunions in store for me in the future! My cousins and I went camping on the beach a few days before the reunion officially started. The weather cooperated admirably and it was simply beautiful. The water was surprisingly warm so all of us got in the water and body surfed. (Or attempted to. I discovered it’s much harder than it looks.)
110 197 149 202 237 229
The reunion “officially” kicked off Saturday at my great-aunt’s house. It’s the best party pad ever and can handle all of us at one. (Have you noticed my family likes the water?! Boating, the beach, swimming, water-skiing, canon-ball contests…we are there!) We managed to get some family pictures (with everyone!)and then spent most of the day in the water or eating. (You’ll never go hungry with my family.) At night we have a family “program” with slideshows of pictures from all the branches of the family and songs and Grandpa Morris’ chocolate cake. It’s basically just a huge celebration of life, love, and family. The best things in life.
263 287 350 423 490 436 453 Cheers Cora and Morris! You left such an incredible legacy for all of us and I am grateful for the wonderful lives you led and the family that you started. I am immensely proud to be a Wilcox. I love you all.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


My Aunt Lee Ann, Mom, Me, Aunt Janelle, Grandma Detton

I never heard my mom complain about her body. I didn’t hear her compare her figure to other women. I do remember her drinking SlimFast occasionally, but she never made a big deal about it and never talked about being on a diet. She worked out in the living to TV-recorded VHS’s, went swimming every chance she got, and took us kids for bike rides. She served salads with every dinner and always kept fruit in the house. In a world filled with body distortion, eating disorders, and exercise addictions, my mom taught me how to treat my body. She was healthy without being obsessive. Sure, I have days when I worry about my weight, when I’m feeling down on myself, but for the most part, I’m happy. I appreciate all the thing my body allows me to do. I have a pretty positive relationship with my body and I think that started with my mom. Thank you mama!

Not only do I have an awesome mom, but I have wonderful aunts and grandmas and a great mother-in-law too! I am so lucky to have such amazing women in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies out there!