The weather in Vegas right now is gorgeous! Mid-70s, gloriously sunny, everything green and bright…I’m in heaven. Spring in Vegas seems to last about 2 whole weeks so you’ve got to enjoy it while you can. I went for a walk on the greenbelt this morning and I was just amazed at how lush everything looked. Lush is not a word I would normally ever use to describe Vegas, but it truly was beautiful. It was like a Disney movie – birds were singing, people were out walking their dogs, flowers were blooming. Magical!
After much deliberation I decided to try to grow a deck garden again this year. After my tomato and basil plant withered and died in the blazing heat I’d pretty much sworn off try to get plants to grow. They were extra work and I didn’t get to eat a single fresh, ripe tomato. Well, I talked to a friend from church who has some more experience gardening in Vegas than I do and I decided to give it another go. (Someday, when Tij and I have a real yard, I want to have a big garden. I’m going to have to cultivate a green thumb someday!) I picked out an eggplant (apparently they grow really well here), two different types of tomatoes, and a basil, sage, and mint plant for some nice herbs. 3 days in and everything’s still alive. Fingers crossed!
I have burned through several books on my reading challenge and it feels so good to get swept up in good books once again! I’ve been seriously contemplating buying some deck chairs and a table so I can spend my mornings nibbling on breakfast, reading in the fresh air. While I find worthy projects and activities to fill my time (I’m currently planning a bridal shower – what fun!) Tij is truly busy. He works hard at his job, comes home for dinner, and then often has to rush off to meetings for church, or a physical therapy session, etc. I hope that in a few months, after some work transitions have been completed, things will simmer down for him! I wish I could just have him all to myself sometimes, but alas! I suppose one of us needs to provide us with an income ;)

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