Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

034One of my favorite things about Christmas has always been the decorations, and more especially, the tree! My family used to always buy a real tree (that smell is still one of my favorites!) but Tij and I have been fake-treeing it the past few years for practicality’s sake. (Eventually, when we have a house and kids, I would love to go back exclusively to real trees, but until then, I just light candles and do my best to pretend.) It was always a huge process getting our tree together, (probably because my sister and I were too busy playing make-believe with all our ornaments), but it was a magical process! Even as an adult, I can’t wait to get our tree up and go for a walk down memory lane with our ornaments. One of the few Christmas traditions Tij and I have started together is to get a new ornament every year. We like to pick them out on trips we take and we usually buy bulbs. The first one we got was a pretty Ukranian-looking ball from the BYU Museum of Art gift shop. We bought one in downtown Santa Cruz one year. Two years ago, we picked out a beautiful hand-painted one in Hawaii at a gift shop where my sister worked. I spend just as much time reminiscing as I do putting our tree together. I’ve been slowly accumulating other Christmas decor as well. My parents gave me most of the decorations that I grew up with. Some of it I’ve been able to put out and some of it is too fancy or impractical in our small space, but I love seeing some of my beloved family decor in my own home. I just love Christmas. I am a big sap. I get all nostalgic and sentimental and I just loooooove everything about it. Poor Tij.

I’m really excited about presents this year. I spent some time picking out what I think are some killer gifts for my family and I can’t wait to watch them opening them. And I’ve been listening to Christmas music every day. (Again, poor Tij.) I made a playlist of all the classics a month ago so I would be ready. We are heading up to Idaho for Christmas and while I’m nervous for the cold (we’ve totally acclimated to the warmth), I’m hoping we may get a white Christmas! I would love that! This post is getting sappier by the minute so I’ll wrap things up, but I just had to write down how much I am loving this season and how it just makes me so happy and grateful. And when I remember the real reason why we’re celebrating Christmas (or should I say who we’re celebrating?) it makes me even happier and even more grateful. I hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit!


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