5.5 Years Together


photo courtesy of heatherblissphotography.com

When Tij and I were dating, I didn’t really celebrate monthly “anniversaries”. I had friends and roommates who would do something special to commemorate every month together, but I just never did. (I actually don’t know what day we went on our first date. It was sometime in March…?) But now that we’re married, I love marking our anniversary every six months. Getting married and staying married is an on-going project and I like to celebrate it twice a year rather than just once. Tij and I aren’t doing anything special (Tij is actually going to watch a UFC fight with guys from work and I will NOT be attending – too violent for me!) but I like being able to say that we’ve been married for 5.5 years instead of just 5.

I am so grateful for Tij. (I really lucked out in the husband department guys!) Happy 5.5 year anniversary! I love you.

(Man, looking back at pictures of us when we were first married makes me feel old! I still think I look like me, but then I see photographs and I can’t deny that I DO look different. Anyone else have that problem?! I guess I should just be grateful that Tij and I have been together long enough to have started growing “old” together.)

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One thought on “5.5 Years Together

  1. Donna says:

    Congrats to you both on your 5.5 anniversary!!

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