A Wednesday Gratitude List

‘Tis the season to count our blessings! I know Tij have so much to be grateful for this year. We feel so blessed. We know we were guided to Las Vegas, Tij’s job, our ward…we feel so lucky. So here’s some things I’m particularly grateful for right now:

#1) I voted two weeks ago! It’s the first time I’ve ever voted in local elections and it just got me thinking about how grateful I feel to live in this country where I get to have an opinion and a say in what happens in it.
#2) The holiday season is fast approaching! I loooooooove Christmas and I have lots more decorations I plan on festooning our apartment with. I’ll wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving, but the Christmas music has already started…
#3) Netflix added a new season of my favorite show: “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”. If you like the 20s, plucky female heroines, and mysteries, check it out!
#4) Pei-wei takeout.
#5) Our new rat cage has been a good investment. I’ve been gone most weekends the last 6 weeks and having them in a much bigger space makes me feel less guilty about them getting less playtime.
#6) And speaking of being gone most weekends, this weekend is my mom’s wedding and the last weekend I’ll be away from home until Christmas!!! I am so happy. Tij and I have traveled more this year than we probably have in our entire marriage and being on the go isn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. Maybe I’m a homebody, but I’m really looking forward to staying put for a while.
#7) My hard-working, hunky husband.
#8) Tij downloaded Harry Potter onto my iPod and I have been enjoying reliving the first two books. I love me some Harry Potter!
#9) Lately I have been grateful for technology. I know the internet can be a total time-suck, but I love pinterest and all the helpful apps I use. Google and I are also really tight too.
#10) Having my own car is awesome! I’ve dubbed her Leslie, after Leslie Knope from “Parks & Rec”. I anticipate many happy trips with Leslie in my future, haha.

Happy Hump Day! I hope you all feel like you have a lot to be grateful for this season.


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