Fabulous Fall


autumn in Boise

It’s faaaaaaaaaaall! And I am so thrilled. Today it is only 60 degrees here in Vegas and I am loving it.

I took a quick trip up to Boise last week to bring down…a new car!!! At least new to us. My mom very kindly gave us her vehicle as she will be shortly starting her new life (along with new car) this month. Tij and I are so excited to be a two-car family for the first time in our whole marriage! I got to spend a few days in Idaho hanging out with my family and going through boxes of memorabilia to take back to Vegas with me. My sister and I went out for brunch one morning and then took a walk along the Boise River to admire the fall colors. I miss watching the distinct change that marks the seasons. It’s just not that noticeable here in Vegas. It is slowly cooling off, and the trees that aren’t palm trees are losing their leaves, but it’s not the same as ***FALL***! Thankfully, I got my fill in this weekend!

After a few days I drove down to Salt Lake and hung out with some friends and family on Sunday and Monday before heading home. Driving by myself was a little nerve-wracking as I’ve never done a trip like that all by myself but it ended up being fine. Long, but fine. Now, I’m just so happy to be home with Tij and zee babies and I’m looking forward to life with my own set of wheels!


I took the picture on the left from a swing


the Boise River

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2 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall

  1. You should have come and visit me! ;) I am glad that you had fun :)

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