Girl’s Weekend in St. George

I have been lucky to make such wonderful friends here in Las Vegas. There is a little group of us who get together every week and I so look forward to those evenings where we get to hang out and be goofy and just be ourselves. A few weeks ago we decided to plan a girl’s getaway. And where do you go to “getaway” when you live in Las Vegas? St. George, Utah of course! Haha. St. George may be much smaller than Vegas but it is definitely different and has some attractions of its own.

To start things off right we went to see Thriller at Tuachan theater. (Tuachan is an incredible outdoor theater. I have never experienced a performance in perfect evening weather, under the stars, with the majestic red rock of the desert all around me. Seriously so cool.) Thriller is 2 hours of dance with just a hint of the creepy macabre thrown in: zombies, would-be chainsaw assassins, Chucky dolls, etc.


creepy zombie dancers greeted us as we headed to our seats

Next morning, we ate brunch at this hidden gem of a restaurant called Xetava. It’s in this designer community (Keyanta) where all the houses are adobe and low to the ground and blend in with the natural desert all around. Then we hiked up a trail behind Tuacahn. I’m really glad we went back in the daytime – there was so much I couldn’t see when it was dark. And surprise! Our hike looked a lot like Red Rock. Mother Nature did not disappoint, as usual.


Later we got pedicures, did a little shopping, ate delicious doughnuts, and got tasty Mexican food. It was a short trip but it was the perfect blend of relaxation and getting out and exploring. And of course, getting to spend time with my friends and feel their love and support was the best. (We travel well together! Everyone was chill and we just had a good time enjoying each other’s company.) I came back just feeling so happy and content with the world!

Sunday was our ward Primary Children’s Program. I have been looking forward to this all month! My Sunbeams have been practicing their little hearts out and I was so proud! They all had their parts memorized and they were about as reverent and quiet up on the stand as 3-4 year-olds can be. Later, Tij and I had the opportunity to go to a musical fireside put on by the missionaries in our area and it gave me goosebumps. It was just one of those magical Sundays where there was peace in my heart and a smile on my face.

Life is good. We are so blessed.

Happy Monday everyone! This is going to be a good week!


here’s a cute picture of zee babies to help you get through your day

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