Bath Time With Zee Babies

I give my girls a bath every week when I clean their cage. (Rats spend a lot of their time grooming so you don’t have to bathe them unless you want to. I just like to put clean smelling rats back into a clean smelling cage.) Most rats don’t like water, and zee babies are no exception. I have, however, perfected the art of bath time and now I can bathe all 3 of them in under 5 minutes. BAM! Tij was home yesterday so I recruited him to take pictures for me. (Thanks babe! I really can’t take pictures myself with wet hands and a squirmy rat baby.)


suds-ing Bianca up with baby shampoo


giving Bianca a rinse


“oh, that’s better!” drying off is their favorite part


you can see how well they “tolerate” bath time

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